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Complaint Procedure

This is set out in place for any member of the public, an organisation using or prospectively interested in using our services in future. It does not stop Affiliates from also raising a complaint. Rainbow Personnel is committed to offer the highest possible quality of service to everyone. In that regards, we undertake to investigate all complaints thoroughly. All complaints received will be documented and investigated by the Operations Manager. Complaints should be addressed to:

The Complaints Officer, Rainbow Personnel Limited, Manchester Business Park, 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester, M22 5TG

The complaints should be received in the following order: Complainant's Name,  Postal Address,  Contact Telephone Number,  Details of Complaint

We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within ten (10) working days detailing any action to be taken. If we require further time to investigate or there is the need to contact you, we shall do so. A procedure will thus be set in motion to prevent similar complaints in future. All complaints logged will be routinely reviewed and included in any document to improve our operations and service to our Clients.